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Song Books

When I was young I took guitar lessons. Learned how to read some music cause my teacher said I needed it.

Then I got the song books and played out of there. It sounded nothing like the record. I wish my teacher would have taught me more how to listen to the music and figure out what was going on.

This video explains it all about song books:

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Frank Sinatra “Strangers In The Night”

Frank Sinatra - Strangers In The NightJust received in the mail from the wold famous Ralph Rumpelton.

From the “Ralph Rumpelton Collection of Fine Art”


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Air Conditioner

IMAG0001Over twenty years old and still going strong. For the last ten years I say I’m going to get a new one. Then the beginning of the summer, I put it on to see if it works and it does.

 I did the same thing with my TV. I wanted to get a flat screen but was going to wait till my twenty inch Sony tube TV died. They never die. I tried to donate it. Nobody wanted it cause it was a tube TV even though it worked perfectly. I have a friend and he put it in his daughters room. She’s happy with it.

 The bills aren’t that much with it on. It goes on then turns off at a certain temperature.

 The air conditioner, I’m just gonna let it go till it dies.


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How Paul McCartney Really Died



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To Ramona


For Robin.

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Akward Moment

I went to the library yesterday. I’m wearing a Beatles’ “Rubber Soul” tee-shirt. This guy comes walking toward me wearing a  John Lennon tee-shirt. Lennon with the long hair and beard. Do I say something to him like, “nice shirt.” Or say, “his post Beatle career sucked.” Maybe nod to him to acknowledged his shirt.

Nope, I did none of the above. I just kept walking.


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Food Discount Cards

Pathmark and Waldbaums did away with their discount cards. Now you get savings without the card.

I have mixed feelings about this. Good thing is I don’t have to carry around the cards anymore. Bad thing is everybody will get the discount now. I used to feel special when I had the card. If the person in front of me didn’t have the card, they would par full price. I’d be thinking “sucker.” While they were bagging they stuff and I was paying, the cashier would say, “do you have your card.” Give her my card, she would swipe it and say, you saved $11.50.” I’d be thinking, that idiot paid full price and I saved money. Now that satisfaction is gone. We’re all equal.

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Vintage Stereo Equipment

I just joined a Vintage Stereo Equipment group on Facebook and I went searching online to see if I could find my first real setup. Found them all except the turntable, and that’s because I don’t remember what kind I had.e9ua7oPioneer 424 receiver. A big 12 watts per channel. This baby really pumped out the power.3Acosti Phase Monitor Speakers Phase 1. For the money, these speakers were excellent. They were made by a small company in Vermont.

I bought all this stuff from Crazy Eddie. I just found out that they were the main distributors of these speakers. 6 inch woofer and 1 inch dome tweeter. I think they might have been one of the first to have the dome tweeter.Akai CS-702DAkai CS-702D tape deck. To tape with Dolby or without? That is the question.

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Crying Soccer Fans

brazil-fans-1-600x450I’ve been watching the World Cup. Never seen so many crying players and fans in my life. Look, half the teams that play lose. If your team loses, there’s no need to turn on the waterworks.  I bet most of these crying fans are the one that shove it in your face when their team wins.

You lost, deal with it. It’s not the end of the world. Mickey Mantle don’t pay your rent.


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Van Morrison Baby Picture


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