Bad Day At Northport

Got stuck in a monsoon. Had to drive uphill against the current with white caps. It was like driving against the current in the Delaware Water Gap.


Baseball Reruns

TV and even radio has been running old baseball games. TV is doing something I find annoying. They’re telling you what’s going to happen. There’s a game on MLB channnel that says on the bottom of the screen, “George Brett, 4 hits, 2 HR’s.” Now I know when Brett gets up he’ll either get a hit or HR.

The other day they were replaying Johan Santana’s perfect game. Why watch it. You know the other team isn’t getting on base.

The thing about watching a no-hitter live, is the anticipation of whether he’s gonna get it or not. If you’re watching it on tape, you know he got it. So all you got now is a boring game.