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Where Did The Plows Go?

Last Sunday night I’m coming home from a wrestling show at the Nassau Coliseum. It was snowing heavy that day. We drove there in heavy snow. On the way back the Southern State Parkway was plowed. I’m thinking, this is great, we’ll be home in no time. We get up to Islip Ave. exit and the parkway isn’t plowed. The strange thing is that it went from being plowed to not being plowed. It was a straight line across from the plowed side to the not plowed side. It was like the plows all stopped at the exact time and a helicopter lowered lines and picked up the plows and took them away. I didn’t see no turnoffs, it just stopped.

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Have your own TV show.

Play their instruments as good as The Monkees.

Have a theme song as cool as The Monkess.

Write songs as good as Michel Nesmith.

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Sgt. Roast Beef and A Pound Of Cheese Band

copy 4 - Copy

My take on the “Sgt. Pepper” album cover with some of my favorites.

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Well, I thought it was original.


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“Burger Road”

Copy Lennon - CopyTwo of my favorite albums in one, “Hot Tunas’s,” “Burgers” and “The Beatles'” “Abbey Road,” containing the big hit, “Keep On Truckin’ To Abbey Road.”

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Tom Brady and his Deflated Balls


How could the refs not see this!

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It should be Zappa up in the sky since he’s the control freak but what the hell.a15north1221435dmh

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Dylan’s Greatest Hats

Dylan's Greatest Hats

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Here is what just happened on January 1, 2015

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The Nightmare

IMAG0012 My brother, two nieces and me went to Art Class as part of our Christmas gift. It was like a “wine and paint” class. People brought wine, we didn’t but should have, might have helped (lol).
We were painting a peacock feather. Of all the things to paint. So we start painting and I kept on saying to one of my nieces, “what flower are we painting?”
My painting wasn’t coming along to well, it didn’t look like a feather or flower. Said to my niece, “I’m gonna add a face to it.”
After we almost god done painting, one of the girls at another table yelled out at me, “I like your painting.” Lot of people started looking at it and one guy yelled out, “It looks like a nightmare,” and everybody started laughing.

I was thinking of the painting “The Scream” when I added the face. To me this looks like “The scream after invasion of the body snatchers.”


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