Max Kellerman

I talked about Shawn Hannity’s funny haircut before. I got another one that drives me crazy. Max Kellerman funny haircut. He has that little piece of hair right below his so called part. You can tell it’s suppose to go the other way. It’s too long and it’s laying on short hair.

It’s another on that when he’s on TV, I stare at his hair. I don’t listen to him half the time cause I’m thinking about getting a brush and fix it or a pair of scissors a cut it.maxresdefault

Left Handed Cups?

It just hit me. That’s cups are made for right handed people. Or is there a sinister motive. I have a Starbucks coffee cup. When I drink it with my right hand, the Starbuck log is facing me. On the opposite side in small letters it says, “Made In USA.” I thought, right handed people look at something cool as they drink their coffee.

But then I thought, Starbucks is using left handed people to advertise their brand. Say I’m sitting opposite somebody at a table and I’m a left handed person. I go to take a sip of coffee and the person opposite me sees the Starbuck logo. Free advertisement.

Flipping The Bird


I could never understand what was so great about this. Who are they telling to fuck off? The people that buy their albums? The Photographer?

Are they trying to make a statement. What is the point of it. It’s not just celebrities. I see regular people doing it also. It’s really not cool, it’s stupid.