Dylan Sings Sinatra

Bob Dylan put out two Frank Sinatra albums in a row. Since he’s on a roll, why should he stop. He could just cover Sinatra albums.

Here’s two I think he should do next.20022311176


Because Bob Dylan does it “His Way.”

Devil And Me

I was in the car before going food shopping. I had a Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen CD on. As I pull into the parking lot the song, “Devil And Me” was playing. I do my food shopping and go to pay, I get my change and it’s $6.66.
How weird is that.

The Rav-Mag Rubber Broom

I never endorse things…………………….because nobody want so pay me. I’ll do this one for free. If you have rugs in your house and have pets you need one of these:


Using a vacuum is not enough to get the fur that’s trapped in the carpet.

I used to have a cat and vacuumed everyday. I thought my rug was clean. I bought one of these and was surprised with how much fur was in the carpet. This got it out.

I don’t have a cat anymore, but I still use it.

Amazon has it for 30 dollars.




Hardest Working Man In Shoe Business



“You got a bowl of nothing.”


Dylan / McCartney

Since there’s a big festival coming up, this could happen.bob-dylan-630-80

Batman and Smile



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