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The Beetles

Loake-Loake Epsom (rubber Sole)-Black Waxy-6441-3346-4

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Ariana Grande

I was reading that a lot of people are mad with Ariana Grande for saying she hated America. That don’t bother me cause I don’t care what she thinks.  What bothers me is her licking the doughnuts and putting them back. That’s really gross. People buy those. They don’t want her spit on it.

If I was her, I would stay away from restaurants for a long time. Who knows what they’re going to do to her food in the kitchen.

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Ninja Blender

I bought a Ninja blender the other day. Everybody was telling me you can make smoothies in them. I never had one in my life so I went to youtube to find out how to make them.

They got to be kidding. First of all you have to buy half the fruit stand to make one. Then it takes an hour, to cut up the fruit, skin it and make sure it all fits in the blender. I would rather just eat the fruit. It’s a lot easier.

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Squidward At A Grateful Dead Show


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Bing Crosby, Still, Nash and Young


From the New Riders Of The Purple Sage’s song “High Rollers”

“You come here to be big like Bing Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young”

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Sting Crosby, Stills Nash and Young


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When Did It Stop Being Beatle Music

I was listening to Harrison’ “33 1/3” the other day. I thought this album is when I stopped thinking of him as a Beatle. “Dark Horse” with Phil Spector producing could have been “All Things Must Past Part 2.” “Extra “Texture” still had some Beatles elements in it. on “33 1/3” it’s all Harrison, no Beatles.
So the rest of The Beatles.
Wings always reminded me of a Beatles wannabe band. Good music there. “Tug Of War” with Martin producing had Beatle music. “Pipes Of Peace” even though it had Martin producing, didn’t think of The Beatles. McCartney did come back to Beatle music on “Chaos and Creation In The Back Yard” and “Memory Almost Full,” then left it on “New.”
Ringo Starr:
Once Ringo hooked up with Mark Hudson on “Vertical Man,” I stopped thinking about The Beatles. I’m glad he’s not with Hudson, I couldn’t stand the production.
John Lennon I always thought of as a Beatle cause he didn’t put out that many solo albums. Even though he was the one Beatle that wanted to shed the Beatle image.

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The Way I See It


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God Bless Mr. Rogers


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Where Did The Plows Go?

Last Sunday night I’m coming home from a wrestling show at the Nassau Coliseum. It was snowing heavy that day. We drove there in heavy snow. On the way back the Southern State Parkway was plowed. I’m thinking, this is great, we’ll be home in no time. We get up to Islip Ave. exit and the parkway isn’t plowed. The strange thing is that it went from being plowed to not being plowed. It was a straight line across from the plowed side to the not plowed side. It was like the plows all stopped at the exact time and a helicopter lowered lines and picked up the plows and took them away. I didn’t see no turnoffs, it just stopped.

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