A Work Of Art


Look at those curves, the form, the beauty. She’s a work of art.

Bettie looks hot also.

Bernie and Testicular Foritude

If Bernie had any balls, he would show up at the DNC and rip them a new asshole. I don’t think he will though. Cause in the end…………………………….he’s just a politician like the rest of them.

What A Screw Up

Could you believe we have two numb nuts running for president. Half the Republican party won’t endorse Trump.

On the other side, Hillary is a liar. She lied non-stop about her emails but the FBI did nothing.

And poor Bernie. He never had a chance. The DNC didn’t want him and would have done anything to not have him get the nomination. But the dope (Bernie) still endorsed Hillary. I thought he would come out fighting. They screwed him big time and he lays down. Maybe there’s something going on behind the scenes where Hillary promised Bernie something if he kept his mouth shut.

These Bernie protesters could make this convention a lot of fun to watch.I hope they raise hell.

One thing for sure, whoever wins this, the American people lose.


George Brett / Hillary Clinton

George Brett and Hillary Clinton have something in common. They were both guilty and got away with it.

“Hey Boss”

The lady that lived next to me sold her co-opt awhile back. The place has been empty for months. Bout a month ago,  I saw a young guy standing outside the apartment. As I was going into my place he walked over to me and introduced himself. He seemed like a nice guy. He told me he just bought the place and is in the process of fixing it up. About three weeks later he moved in. In that three weeks he forgot my name. Now every time he sees me he says, “Hey Boss,” then we have conversation.

To me this is very disrespectful. I don’t think he means to do it, but it is. You call somebody “Boss” that you don’t know. The Dunkin Donuts by me, the guys in there call everybody “Boss.” They call me boss, I call them boss. It’s like a running joke in there.

So what I do with the guy next door from me, when I talk to him, I never call him by his name. I just say, “hi.”

I refuse to call him by his name until he calls me by my name. (lol)

We don’t know who it is, or who made it. All we know is that it’s been here a long time.


Dylan Does Sinatra

You never know.



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