How The People Made The Media Cry

I saw videos of MSNBC when Trump won and they were in tears there.

I thought they were crying because Trump won. Now I’m not so sure. I think they might have been crying because they didn’t sway the people to vote the way they wanted.

News shows used to report the events. We don’t have news shows anymore. We have propaganda machines where they keep on saying the same thing over and over trying to brainwash the public.

People are wising up now. They don’t care what celebrities saying or who they’ve voting for. Cause people now know that celebrities are dumb asses. Just because they make movies, or music, doesn’t make the rocket scientist.

Greatest Idea Ever

I don’t know what is better, the Microwave, I’ll never go hungry, or the GPS, I’ll never get lost again.

Now I seen something that blows the both of them out of the water. Pot Size Spaghetti! Why didn’t somebody think of this before. Like me. Well, I did, I didn’t know what to do with the idea.

I stopped making spaghetti because every time I snapped it, it would go all over the place. I was luck to get half of it into the pot.

When I went to Stop and Shop to buy this, the lady  at the checkout said to me, “Are Americans this lazy.” I said to her, “Are you kidding. This is great, now it all goes in the pot.”  She ended up saying that maybe she was gonna try some.

I Think I Was Abducted By Aliens

I   think I was abducted by aliens the other day. You know how people that are abducted say they’re missing time. Well, they must have gotten what they wanted out of me really fast or they got me up to the ship and said, “this won’t do, send him back.”

I was doing laundry the other day. I’m in my apartment and had to be at the laundry room at 4:15 to take the clothes out. I leave my apartment at 4:14. Takes a minute to walk to the laundry room. Get there at 4:15, take the clothes out of the washing machine and put it in the dryer. The dryer is right next to the washer. Put in my card to pay. The whole thing took about two minutes to do.

So now it’s 4:18 the latest. They dryer takes 45 minutes to do. I’m walking out of the laundry room and look at the clock on the wall to see what time I had to be back. The clock said 4:30. I stood there puzzled. I couldn’t believe it was 4:30. It should have been 4:17 or 4:18. I take my phone out of my pocket cause I thought maybe the clock on the wall was wrong. My phone said 4:30. I lost 13 minutes.

I know sometimes I can zone out. But I  know I didn’t zone out for13 minutes staring at the dryer. And I know what time I left my apartment cause I wanted to be there right when the washer stopped.

If I’m lying in bed one night and I see the greys standing above me, I’ll know something is up.

Trump, Clinton and Baseball

I keep hearing people saying that since Clinton won the popular vote she should be president. This is the stupidest thing I ever heard. People are ignoring what it takes to win, and that 270 or more electoral college votes. The strategy is based on getting 270, not the popular vote. Trump said if it was going by the popular vote, he would have campaigned more in NY and Calif.

I try to explain this to people like this. When you’re playing a baseball game, the team with the most runs win.  Those are the rules. Both teams know the rules and play to get the most runs. Now say The Yankees are playing The Red Sox. Yankees win 1 to 0. Only hit the Yankees got was a home run. Boston got 7 hits but no runs. Yankees win the game. But the Red Sox fans say that since they got more hits then the Yankees, they win.

It makes no sense. Even Clinton isn’t going around saying she should be president cause she got more popular votes.