Bob Dylan’s “Down In The Groove”

I was giving “Down In The Groove” a listen. This got really bad reviews, and I
agree it’s not Dylan’s best. I have no problem with the songs, it’s just tough
to listen to with the 80’s production.
Here’s what I was thinking. Dylan should give the master tapes of “Down In The
Groove” and “Empire Burlesque” to Daniel Lanois and have him reproduce it, give
it the Lanois touch. They would be a lot easier on the ears then.
He shouldn’t even bother with “Knocked out Loaded.” Besides “Brownsville Girl”
there’s not much worth saving.


Author: zapple100


One thought on “Bob Dylan’s “Down In The Groove””

  1. Dylan recordings post-mid ’70s require fanatical devotion to even tolerate. If you’re a fan, you’re insane to begin with, so Dylan fans are nutty beyond compare and should be considered dangerous to themselves. Just listen to a recent Dylan live boot (any of them), however well-recorded. The guy sounds like a very sick. perhaps dying walrus with emphysema. There is no music in Zimmyville.

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