The World Cup

I’ve been watching The World Cup. I was really excited for it cause it’s such a big deal. I can only say one thing about it, BORING. They play a whole game and nobody scores a goal and they talk about what a great game it was. Even a shot on goal would be welcome. When the game is one to nothing, be thankful somebody scored. It’s like the biggest thing in the world. The announcer on the Spanish channel goes wild, “goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal.”

Now we all know nobody really scores much in soccer (I’m from The States). But when your team is down 1-0, you got to attack. It’s common sense, you want to score, you got to get the ball in their zone. So why do the team that is losing 1-0 have the ball at midfield, and they work it back to their goalkeeper? How are you going to score back there! Don’t they know they’re going the wrong way. Attack!

I read something today that was really funny.The biggest upset in World Cup history happened today, New Zealand tied Italy. They didn’t even beat Italy. That’s an upset? I call it “lucky you didn’t get beat, but you didn’t win either.”


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  1. Hi zapple100,
    I hope you don’t mind – your blog came up when I did a search of other blogs who were writing about similar topics. “Observations” is what we have in common. We are also both watching The World Cup.

    This post is really interesting, mostly because these are things people say all the time about football/soccer – low scores, senseless plays and lack of common sense. It always bothers me, so I thought I would respond.

    I love footy, so I hope you don’t mind me addressing your complaints in hopes that it makes your next few matches more enjoyable? I’m by no means an expert, but I know a couple of things.

    The low scores – these are world class players, if the scores were high – if it were an easy thing to get the ball up the field, past defenders and past the tender – the players wouldn’t be at this level, they would playing in the local park. It is the defenders’ responsibility to shut down the attack, it is the goalkeeper’s responsibility to keep the ball out of the net. Low scores indicate they are doing their job and earning their pay.

    (And yes, one ball in the net is worth one point – sometimes when people make this complaint I ask them to imagine that every ball in the net is worth 100 points, so that you could have a game whose score is 100 – 200! More impressive looking, isn’t it? I’ve never understood why in basketball the ball going in is worth different points at different times…it seems to make the scores artificially high and makes me suspect that the game is too easy.)

    If the players can’t do that, can’t stop the other team, they wouldn’t and shouldn’t be playing at this level. It isn’t only about the end result, the goal, it is about getting to the end result, finding of opportunities to attack and these moments require patience, creativity and hard work. This is a game of strategy, plays and teamwork. The players have to work to create the opportunity to take a shot on goal.

    When the ball goes back into their zone it is because the previous opportunity did not work and they are re-setting for a new play – strategic retreat, when in doubt – go home. Sometimes this is also a way to wind down the clock and stop the other team from finding opportunities and upping the score or preventing a losing team from making a comeback.

    In The World Cup, the number of goals matter. This is why, when losing, a team will keep possession of the ball in their own zone rather than attack. If you attack, you risk losing the ball and allowing the other team to create an opportunity for another shot on goal.

    You are totally right that to attack when you are down is common sense – but what sport uses common sense to dictate play? It looks like you write about sports, so you could tell me. I think American Football uses “playbooks” that all the team members must learn and the play is called by the quarterback? Football/soccer employs the same thing – there are plays, there are tactics and when those work, opportunities can be created and goals can be scored.

    We both know that sports are games of opposition – teams run their plays and at the same time, shut down the plays of the other team.

    I find it is more enjoyable to watch a game when you understand the plays and the rules, that way you know if the team is doing well, if they are having trouble or if they are in distress.

    Just because I don’t understand American Football plays doesn’t mean it is boring, it just means I think I’m watching a bunch of grown men in modified armour chase after a ball and try to inflict bodily harm on each other, when in fact it is an intricate set of strategies, plays, tactics and teamwork, with everyone in the game doing a specific job and contributing different elements to the game.

    At least, I hope it is.

    I have to laugh about your comment about “the biggest upset” – before you laugh understand the joke. Before stepping on the pitch, Italy was number 1 ranked in the world and the defending world champions. New Zealand was (and is) 78 ranked. On paper, Italy should have had trounced New Zealand soundly – in a “high scoring game”, so maybe like Italy 3 – 0. Italy should have been able to do this half asleep. New Zealand qualifies in an easier region, they have never won a game in The World Cup and have never made it to the second round. Shameful showing, Italy. Wow, New Zealand, good footy!

    Now, with no wins for Italy and two draws, Italy has dropped down to 5th ranked and
    must play an additional game, and win with a high amount of goals to advance to the next round. They also have to hope that the other teams in their group don’t do the same. If they can’t get their game together or if the other teams in their group manage to outpoint them, they won’t advance. This would be the first time in years that they didn’t advance to the next round.

    I hope that my ranting gives you some insight into why people love footy and why it is interesting and not the boring sport you watched today.

    I also hope that if you continue to watch The World Cup that you enjoy the rest of the matches.

    Good luck to your team!
    (US did really well against England – that was also a big upset.)

    Go Brazil!
    (Based on today’s match, Brazil advances to the next round, in the first two games, so no additional games are needed in this round. They get a bit of a rest. One of the most important players for this team was sent off the field with a red card, so Brazil will be down one player in the next game, giving their opponents a one person advantage for the whole game. This player is one of the best in the world and key to Brazilian strategy – he creates lots of opportunities. Brazil is currently ranked 1. Brazil’s style of play has changed under current coach, they are playing more defensively than previously, but their offense is still very strong which is characterized by higher goal scoring. Brazil is known for passing the ball and playing very creative and dynamic football, they “dance” with the ball using fancy and “carefree” footwork, sometimes boarding on “trick footwork”. They play a high energy game and use the whole field when they play. They players tend to leave space between each other, room to create plays and tiring out their opponents who have to keeping chasing the ball across the pitch. The players have excellent timing and when the team is working, the ball moves not from player to player, but from player to the empty space where the player should be – and suddenly there is a player.)

    Interesting blog.

  2. Thanks for the reply.
    Living in The States, soccer is not one of our big sports. It’s mostly played by little kids, then when they get older, they forget about it and play other sports or sit at their computer all day. It was different when I was a kid but that’s another story.
    I’m not a professional sports writer but I have played sports all my life.

    >>In The World Cup, the number of goals matter. This is why, when losing, a team will keep possession of the ball in their own zone rather than attack. If you attack, you risk losing the ball and allowing the other team to create an opportunity for another shot on goal. <<<<<

    I understand what you mean here, it's ok to be beat not ok to get killed. If we get beat and another team gets killed, we're in. This is called sneaking in through the back door (lol).

    In (American) Football, if your losing, the offense opens up and you try to get to the end zone as fast as you can. Try to get as many yards as you can and get out of bounds to stop the clock.
    My favorite sport is baseball. I have people all the time tell me that baseball is boring. I guess it's like soccer, if you grew up with the sport, played it, you relate with whats going on and you get into it.

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