Epson NX420

Couple of weeks ago I went to Best Buy to look at printers. The Salesman from Cannon was there and I was talking to him for awhile about the Cannon printers. He was trying to get me to buy one but I just went there to look. I wanted a lot of info before I made my pick.

I checked the net for reviews, spoke to my friends and checked out what was around. I decided to get the Epson NX420. So I go back to Best Buy and The Cannon guy is there along with the Epson guy. I had to walk  past the Cannon guy to get to the Epson printers. The Cannon guy saw me and probably thought I was going to speak to him. I felt funny walking past him to get to the Epson guy. While I was talking to the Epson guy the Cannon guy kept on looking over at me. Maybe he thought I was a traditor!

I buy the printer and I’m walking out of the store and who’s in back of me but the Cannon guy. I was waiting for him to come over to me to convince me to return the Epson and buy a Cannon. Turns out his car was parked a couple of spaces from me, so he didn’t come over to. Good thing, this would have been the last thing I needed with the hot, I just wanted to get home and hook it up.

I get home, hook it up, go to print the first thing and the paper gets jammed. All the printer says is “paper jam.” No where does it say how to get the paper out. After messing with it, I got it working and so far, it works really well.


Author: zapple100


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