It’s So Hard

First let me say Mike Douglas was a cool kind of guy. He would have all these Rock musicians on his show and treat them with respect. He had Frank Zappa on the show and was asking him stuff like “What type of Classical Music do you listen to.”

I remember Miles Davis on his show.  This was back in the early 1970’s, I come home from High School, turn on the Mike Douglas Show and there’s the strangest music I ever heard play. It was really awful. It was so bad I had to watch the whole thing cause it was fasternating.

Mike Douglas had John and Yoko as Guest Host for a week. One day they had Chuck Berry and John Lennon do a Berry song together. This video is a song off the “Imagine” album. He has the New York band, “Elephants Memory” backing him. Deep down, Lennon was always a Rocker.


Author: zapple100


2 thoughts on “It’s So Hard”

  1. That was an incredible clip. John sounds great as does the entire band. Is that Klaus Voorman playing bass? I wonder if the MIles clip is available.

    I can remember coming home from school and seeing the Mike Douglas show. When I got older and started gigging I knew the bass player who palyed in his house band, Jim DeJulio.

    Great blog!

    1. That’s not Voorman. I think it’s Gary Van Scyoc (Elephants Memory bassist). They had lots of musicians in the band, but I think he was in the band when they back Lennon.

      I checked Youtube for Miles Davis on the Mike Douglas Show and couldn’t find it. Something else I remember about that performance, the keyboard player had the biggerst afro I ever seen. Even bigger then Billy Preston’s wig. Turns out the keyboard player was Keith Jarret.

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