LeBron James

No class. All that money and he’s a low life. Didn’t even have the consideration to tell The Cavs that he’s not going to sign with them. It’s all about me, I’m gonna let everybody hang.

ESPN was showing a video the other night of people in Cleveland crying when  King James made his decision. Let me tell you something, they guy was there for seven years and didn’t win a ring. Not only that but he gave up in the playoffs. The Cavs are going to be better off without him and have more team play.


Author: zapple100


One thought on “LeBron James”

  1. It wasn’t just that he left Cleveland, but the way it went down in a made ofr TV dog and pony act. Woudln’t it be great if somehow the Cavs became NBA champs before the Heat?

    By the way, any blog that features Curt Swan’s artwork as well as John Lennon Clips and mentions of MIles Davis deserves to be on my blogroll!

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