I was reading one of these upscale “Homes” magazines at work the other night. These houses are really nice and the rooms are unbelievable. One thing I don’t understand about rich people. They fix up their homes really nice then put junk in it.

I saw this picture of a dining room. Looked great, only thing is they had this old table and chairs. They call it antiquities. I call it junk. The paint is peeling off the the table and chairs. I looked at that picture and the first thing I though was, “that table needs a good paint job.”

Another picture I saw was of a kitchen. Marble floors, stainless steel stove and old beat up cabinets. I know, the cabinets are antiquities, with the paint hanging off them and the rusted handles.

If I had a lot of money and bought a new, big house, I’d want all new stuff in there, not something that needs a paint job.


Author: zapple100


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