Used to be when I was young, only tough guys had tattoos. Now everybody is getting them. I see a lot of girls wearing them. To me, it’s a turnoff. Whenever I see a girl with a tattoo, I think they would look a lot better without them.

A lot of people get them for attitude. They get them and they think they’re tough.  They walk around, “look at me.” They’re gonna be in serious trouble when they find out the tattoos can’t fight (lol).

I was in Dunkin’ Donuts the other day. This lady walks in with a baby carriage and couple of small kids. She has the barbwire tattoo around her arm and some kind of tribal thing on her lower back. Now, this must have look cool when she was young, but when your yelling (in the store) “Bobby, don’t touch that, Nancy get over here, Tim put that down,” you don’t look so cool. Your starting to look like your mother, and that’s not cool. Who want’s to be like their parents (lol).


Author: zapple100


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