I got a Nano iPOD the other day. What a pain getting it to work. It hardly comes with any instructions.  All you get is “good luck getting it to work.” I got the music on to the iPod with no problem. Once it was on there, I couldn’t find it. There’s no instruction telling you how to work the wheel. It took me over a half hour to find where the music was on the iPod. So, I find the music. Now I want to make a playlist. It already comes with a playlist. I couldn’t get the music into the playlist that came with the iPod. Even dragging the songs didn’t work. So I called up my friend. She told me to hit the “plus” sign on the bottom left of the screen, that will make a playlist. How was I suppose to know that. All there is a “plus” sign, doesn’t say, “playlist” under it. Finally I make a “Bob Dylan” playlist  and drag the songs to it. After about an hour, I’m getting the basics down. Now I want to find the volume. I can’t figure out how to make it louder. This was another twenty minutes. After about an hour and a half, I got it working.

When you download iTunes, it also downloads Quicktime to you computer. I didn’t want Quicktime, cause I didn’t need it. I don’t like to have stuff on the computer if I don’t need it. I uninstall it. Then I go to hit the iTunes  icon on the computer and it says I need Quicktime to make it work. It tells me to uninstall iTunes, then reinstall it. Now I got it working. Then I got to work and my friend say it also has a camera to it. Don’t they tell you this stuff when you buy it.

What the store should do is when you buy it, they should send over a seven year old to set it up for you. They could do it in seconds!


Author: zapple100


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