The Hand Dryer

My brother told me this funny story the other day. He was at the the gym, he just got done with his workout and is sitting on the bench in the locker room. There’s this guy sitting next to him getting dressed. Whenever somebody walked by the hand dryer, the guy would say, “hey buddy, would you hit the dryer.” The person walking by would turn on the dryer. The guy sitting on the bench would just sit there and  watch the dryer. This happened four times in a row and they guy would just sit there looking at the dryer.

My brother is thinking this guy is a little strange. He knew the guy was going to ask him to hit the dryer when he got up to go. So my brother gets up to leave and as he’s walking by the dryer the guy says’ to him, “hey buddy, will you  hit the dryer.” My brother yelled at the guy, “No, you did this four times in a row. Get up and hit it yourself.”


Author: zapple100


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