It’s really funny when you talk to somebody who’s younger then you. They see things from a different point of view. I was talking football with one of the kids at work. I was telling him I’m still pissed that they Giants and Jets left NY for NJ, and a lot of older fans feel that way.  We want them back in NY, or they should change their name to the NJ Giants, and the NJ Jets. Then  get a pro team for NY City. My friend was telling he only knows them from NJ so he don’t care if they played there.

Then we were talking about music, and Paul McCartney came up. My friend said, “I only know McCartney from Wings.” I almost fainted. I told him McCartney  was in one of the biggest groups ever, The Beatles. He said he heard of The Beatles but didn’t know much about them.

I find it funny that all he knows about McCartney is Wings. No wonder he don’t  think too much of him.


Author: zapple100


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