Taco Bell

One of my favorite foods is Taco Bell. It’s part of the building blocks of nutrition.  It’s really the base, everything is built on Taco Bell.

I go to Taco Bell so often, I’m friends with almost everybody there. The kid that takes the money is a Met fan so he tells me how he hates the Yankees and they suck. Most people get a “Thank You.” I get  “The Yankees Suck.” Then to show him what  good sport I am, I tip my Yankee hat to him.

The one thing that bothers me about Taco Bell is people don’t know how to drive. There’s two driveways on the Taco Bell property. One for enter, one for exit. They have big arrows pointing the way and enter and exit signs. When somebody want to make a left (when they’re exiting) the get on the right side. Since it’s only an exit driveway, they should be on the left. This really bothers me cause I always get stuck in back of these people. Now they have to cross traffic and it takes time. Yesterday I was really mad cause the car I was stuck in back of refused to make the left hand turn. She could have went five times. I don’t know what she was waiting for. Maybe she wanted no traffic one mile in each direction. I did something I  normally don’t do. I got along side of her on the left and made a right hand turn. She was waving her arms and cursing me out. I didn’t care, I just wanted to get home and eat.


Author: zapple100


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