I Remember When……………

Comics were only 12 cents. And the double issues were 25 cents. They had the old fashion type of drawings, not these slick pages.

There were only eight teams in the NHL.

There was the American League and the National League. Winner of the American, plays the winner of the National in the World Series. That was it.

The Super bowl was played in the afternoon with only a one hour pregame show.

You could get dishes and glasses at the gas station with a fill up. Go back enough times and you can get a whole set.

There was no cable TV,  so no FOX to screw us out of seeing the playoffs.

Bazooka bubble gum was a penny.

Stickball, punchball, boxball and stoopball was the only baseball I played.

The ice cream truck gave out 45’s. They sucked but it was free.

There was no remote for the TV. If you wanted to change the channel, you had to get up to do it.

The Wizard of Oz was on once a year and it was a big thing. Same for March Of The Wooden Soldiers.

In the summer when school was out, my parents would kick me out of the house at 9am, call me back for lunch at 12, kick me out again till 5 for dinner, then kick me out again till it was dark. I was never in the house, I played ball all day.

Nobody was bigger then Mickey Mantle.

I remember the 69 Mets winning the World Series. It was a miracle!


Author: zapple100


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