Giants Lose To The Cowboys

This game proves what I’ve been saying all year. The Cowboys didn’t want to play for Wade Phillips. That game The Cowboys played against The Packers last week was one of the worst efforts I’ve ever seen in all my years of watching football. All The Cowboys did that game was stand around and watch The Packers run all over them.

I wonder what Wade Phillips thought this Sunday when he saw The Cowboys with a second string quarterback  beat The Giants. The Cowboys got a good team.  They should be battling for first place. They must have really hated Phillips to stop playing.

I hate The Cowboys, but even I knew that they weren’t this bad. Jason Garrett is in a tough spot. He wanted to be the head coach there. He’s coming in on a 1 and 7 record and if he don’t show improvement, he might not be back next year. So he’s not starting off with a clean slate.  He’s starting off in a big hole.


Author: zapple100


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