Derek Jeter

I was watching ESPN and right before a commercial they said “What do The Yankees owe Derek Jeter?” Right after that I fell asleep but I know the answer. The Yankees don’t owe Jeter anything. There’s free agency now and players leave teams left and right for more money. It’s the same way for the teams. Why should they over pay a player who has seen better days. Jeter played well and the Yankees paid him well over the years. Now they want to give Jeter 45 million over three years and he don’t want it. Who in their right mind would turn down that money? People are luck they still have their jobs. This is why people get turned off to baseball (and all pro sports).  You got to pay a crap load of money to go to a game and the cable bill is through the ceiling.

If Jeter don’t want to take the Yankee offer, let him go somewhere else.


Author: zapple100


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