He’s A Menace To Society

Poor Willie, got busted with 6 oz. of pot on him. I always said pot was going to kill Willie. He’s not going to make it past 150. They should lock Willie up, he’s a menace to society.

I understand what the laws are and Willie broke the law. I really think it’s time to change the marijuana laws. There’s cigarettes and alcohol which are legal and even run commercial on TV. Why are they legal when they’re worst then marijuana? Cause they put people to work. Outlaw them and they’ll be many people out of work.

I won’t even get into the medical aspect of it. They won’t allow medical marijuana, yet they hand out pill left and right.

It’s time to legalize it, tax it, and put people to work.


Author: zapple100


One thought on “He’s A Menace To Society”

  1. I’m with you, Zapple. I voted for it earlier this month but the measure didn’t pass. By the way, here I am in Berkeley — I’ve been here over 3 months and no one has so much as offered me a toke. C’mon!

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