Softball with Chris Matthews

I was watching “Hardball With Chris Matthews” the other night. What has happened to TV! For a show that’s suppose to be serious, I couldn’t stop laughing. Mathews was talking about Charlie Rangel. Instead of saying Rangel’s a disgrass, Matthews was talking about the right wing media and how they’re all over Charlie. The papers had funny pictures of Charlie on the front page (just like I put a funny pic of Matthews here) and they wouldn’t give Charlie a break. The Democrats are compassionate¬† and feel for Charlie. Never mind the guy is a crook and got what he deserved.

The bottom line is MSNBC sticks up for the Dems and FOX sticks up for the Reps. no matter how bad the crime is. Too bad there’s not a channel that calls it down the middle and have both the left and right on it so current events can be discussed.


Author: zapple100


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