The Deadly Mustard

Most nights before I go to work, I stop at the 7-11 to buy lunch. I see the same guy behind the counter every night. I get a hero, pick up three packs of mustard and a roll of Smarties.

When I get up to the counter to pay, I put the stuff down. The guy rings it up and asks me if I want a bag. Every night I get a bag. Why bother asking me, just put the stuff in the bag. He goes to put the sandwich and the Smarties in the bag and leaves the three packs of mustard out on the counter. I don’t know why he does this. So what I started doing is putting the mustard on the counter first, then the sandwich behind it. He passes right over the mustard and puts the other stuff in the bag and leaves the mustard on the counter. It’s the strangest thing. For some reason he refuses to put the mustard in the bag. I’m thinking that the next time I go, I’m gonna put the mustard packs on top of the sandwich. This way when he picks up the sandwich, hopefully the mustard packs won’t  fall off and be stranded on the counter.


Author: zapple100


One thought on “The Deadly Mustard”

  1. THings like that drive me crazy because I’m trying to figure out if the guy has a stand against putting the mustard in the bag, and if so, why?? You can never ask, even if it’s your friend, since the answer, no matter what he/she says is too weird.

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