Keith Richards “Life” book review

I got this book as a Christmas gift. I don’t know if I would have bought it myself, I’m glad I got it. It’s really fast reading and you blow right through it. My major problem with the book is that he just rambles on and doesn’t really say anything. You figure for somebody who was in “The Rolling Stones,” you would learn a little something of what went on in the band. Instead you get stuff like, “we made “Goat Head’s Soup” then went on tour.” That’s not an exact quote but it’s close.

Here’s the book in a nutshell:

“I was born in England.

Learned to play guitar.

Joined the Rolling Stones.

Played clubs then made an album.

When on tour, made another album.

Took drugs.

Kicked Brian Jones out of the band and got Mick Taylor.

Took more drugs.

Got busted.

Took  more drugs. But it’s ok, I can handle it.

Went to rehab.

Too more drugs.

Mick Taylor quit, and got Ron Wood.

Took more drugs.

Made another album.

Went on tour.

Took more drugs.

Mick is a bitch.

Took more drugs.

Fell out of a coconut tree.

Made and album and went on tour.”

That’s basically the whole book. I was hoping that he would have gone into a little detail about how they made some of the album.

I guess when you took as much drugs as he did, this was all you could remember.


Author: zapple100


One thought on “Keith Richards “Life” book review”

  1. Too bad he doesn’t go into more details about the making of the records. I’m always interested in process — the nuts and bolts of who played what, and how many takes etc.

    I heard he slammed Mick about the size of his penis. Harsh…

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