United Parcel Service

My friend had a framed Bob Dylan poster that she had no room for so she asked me if I wanted it. I said sure. She sent it via Parcel Service. I work at night time. When I left for work there was no package outside my door. When I got home at 5am, there was this giant box leaning up against my door. This package has been outside all night. Somebody could have just stopped by and take it if they wanted to. I thought UPS was supposed to have you sign for the package or at least leave it and the person next door so it don’t get stolen.

I got to say thought, UPS packed it good. It was in a big box, then those styrofoam balls, then giant bubble wrap, then styrofoam over the glass, then that blue plastic over the glass.The light you see in the picture is from the flash. I tried to fix it but no matter what I did it didn’t look right.



Author: zapple100


2 thoughts on “United Parcel Service”

    1. My friend told me it’s from Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Vol.1. It’s a signed and numbered photo of the poster that came with the album. I have number 190 out of 500.

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