“It’s Been Real”

What does that mean? Your talking to somebody for awhile, then they say, “It’s been real,” and they leave. Not, ‘nice talking to you,” “see you later,” they say, “it’s been real.” I just look at them and say “yea.”

How do they know if it’s been real. Maybe he’s talking to somebody who is not telling him the whole truth. Then he say’s “it’s been real,”  and the guy is thinking, sucker.

I know people that love to talk. You can’t ask them “how you doing” cause they’ll give you a twenty minute answer. The same person that gives the twenty minute answer to “how are you doing” will come over to me at work and talk to me when I’m really busy. I won’t pay any attention to him and he’ll just keep on talking. Don’t some people take a hint. If I’m not answering your question, it’s means I’m not listening to you.


Author: zapple100


One thought on ““It’s Been Real””

  1. For me, the worst is when I come off a set and I’m anxious to get to the bar, get my beer, and check on whatever sporting event happens to be in season. Sometimes I’ll get get waylaid by someone who just wants to talk….about nothing! At that point all I can think about is how can I get to the bar without insulting this person. AT least give me a chance to get my alcohol before engaging me!

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