Anthony Weinergate

This couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. He reminds me of a person who know everything and he’s right and everybody’s wrong.

So he comes on TV and lies. Says his account was hacked into. It’s possible, stuff like that happen. But then they ask him if the picture of his crotch is his. He says, he don’t know. This is where it starts to fall apart.

There’s three things here;

1. account was hacked into

2. he sent the pictures

3. not sure if the pic of the crotch is his

Now I can understand if the picture was  taken straight on, you might not know. If you are in  a gym and some perv has a camera taking pictures, you don’t know the pic was taken so you might not recognize yourself. This crotch pitcher was taken looking down. So you know if you took the picture. After you took it you would probably look at it to make sure it came out good.  Yet Weiner says he didn’t know.

Since he said he didn’t know if it was him or not, it also meant it could have been him. What’s he doing with pictures of his crotch on Twitter? You mean he wasn’t smart enough to make a fake account if he wanted to do that.

If you use math you could have figured out he sent the pics:

hacked 33 1/3 %

did send 33 1/3%

don’t know if it’s him (this means, it’s him) 33 1/3%

Add them up 33 1/3% hacked, 66 2/3% sent them

Here comes the best part. He’s not sure if some of the girls he sent the pictures to were over 18.

There must be something in the water in New York. First Elliot Spitzer, now Anthony Weiner.


Author: zapple100


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