“Wake Of The Flood”

“Wake Of The Flood,” my first Grateful Dead album. When I was in High School, I heard the cool people talking about The Grateful Dead. I had no idea who they were. I went out and bought it. I hated it really bad. I thought it was boring and nothing good about it. I could see why people thought this was so good. I put it away and didn’t play it for a long time. Then I started getting into The Dead and gave it another listen. Since by that time I knew something about the band, I started to understand the music.

I feel that they more you know about a band, the people in it and what they’re trying to do, the more you understand the music.

I always wanted to try the “Wake Of The Flood” computer painting. I looked at the album cover and thought it was going to be a lot of work. I figured, what the hell, let me give it a go. I see touches of “The Grand Wazoo in the painting. All in all, I thought it came out alright.


Author: zapple100


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