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Anybody know how to search for other blogs? There used to be two search boxes in the upper right hand corner. One for your blog and one for all blogs. The one for all blogs is gone.

I used to like to search other blogs to see what people are now writing.  Now that the box is gone, I don’t see how to do it.


Author: zapple100


2 thoughts on “Search Box”

  1. I had the same thought as you — I used to like to search for other blogs using that box. I’m pretty sure that’s how I came across your blog, as well as others that I read. I can’t figure out why they wanted to get rid of it. It has the effect of cutting you off from the rest of the wordpress community.

    I wrote to wordpress and this is the response I received. Apparently the search box is still accessable, but you have to type in a url to get to it. Annoying.

    Here’s the response

    You can still search blogs at A better way to find like-minded bloggers is by browsing Freshly Pressed and the global tag pages for topics that interest you:

    You might also check out the discussions among bloggers happening at The Daily Post:

    1. Thanks for the info Keith. I would have never found this.
      I posted this question in the forums a couple of time but nobody responded.
      Still, this is not a good as it used to be. It takes you to the tags, then it’s pot luck. The search box was a lot better. This is a big step down from the way it was.

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