Superman Red, Superman Blue

  I had this comic. When all my other comics were gone, I saved this one. Don’t ask me what happened to it. I went to look for it one day and it was gone.

Superman finally had enough. He wants to retire. He wants to sit on the couch and watch baseball all day. He’s a big Yankee fan. Remember Bucky Dent’s Home Run. Don’t ask which one cause there was only one that counted. When the ball was in the air, all of a sudden it took off and went over the fence. Clark was in the stands for that game, exhaled and then ball went over the fence.

Superman decides to fix the world. He wants it so he never has to work again. He splits himself into two, Superman Red and Superman Blue. Ones a Republican and one’s a Democrat. They argue all the time and nothing gets done. No, what really happens is the two of them fix everything that’s wrong in the world. When every thing is done, Blue marries Lana Lang and Red marries Lois Lane and moves to Kandor.

This was back in the day when comic books looked like comics. They had great artwork and look at all that dialog. It wasn’t just looking at the pictures, there was a storyline there.


Author: zapple100


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