Bob Dylan – “Simple Twist Of Fate”

I always argue with my friends about who’s a better songwriter. They say Lennon and McCartney, I say Dylan. I know it’s a matter of taste but more singers sing Dylan songs then Beatle songs.


Author: zapple100


One thought on “Bob Dylan – “Simple Twist Of Fate””

  1. I believe a lot of unoriginal and not-particularly competent musicians (I’m thinking of my brother-in-law and a lot of other wouldabes) choose to sing Beatles and Dylan songs simply because they’re easy to sing and play. A couple of years ago I saw an interview with Bob Dylan with him arguing that he WAS the Sixties because cover versions of his songs numbered 5,000 or something like that. A matter of quantity over quality to me. He used this measure to argue that he had a greater art than Smoky Robinson, becuase his (Dylan’s) songs are more often and easily performed, which I don’t understand and don’t agree with.

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