Met Fans Are Cry Babies

I was listening to WFan (radio station) in the car before. Caller after caller kept on saying that Citi Field is too big. That’s why the Mets didn’t win this year. They kept on saying that they should build the team around the stadium. Get a lot of speed and slap hitters. Finally the host, Steve Somers said what I was think, get a good team and you’ll win. Play good baseball and stop making rookie mistakes like they have been doing all year.

It’s not like when The Mets are up, they keep the fences back and when the other team is up  they move them in. It’s fair for both team. The Mets just weren’t that good this year.

Now Jose Reyes. This guy must be a big fan of Wade Boggs. Takes himself out of the game so he can win the batting title. Doesn’t anybody have any pride anymore.


Author: zapple100


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