Sean Lennon

Here’s a good one. Sean Lennon down on Walls Street. The guy is worth 45 zillion dollars. He’s not even in the one percent, he’s beyond that.

Good thing he comes from a mother who’s family is in the banking business, and who’s father was a Beatle or he would have to get a real job.


Author: zapple100


2 thoughts on “Sean Lennon”

  1. Good point, Bob. In my two books I rant about how the Beatles, being English, instinctively rejected ‘Revolution’ but merely replaced one seriously monied orthodoxy with another.

  2. Thanks Bob, for your contact. I thought I’d finally received a contact from a Beach Boy — That looks like a shot of Mike Love from late 1970 when they gigged with you guys at the Fillmore. N’est ce pas? Then I saw Bob Weir — hey, I know that name, but had to Wikipedia you just to make sure.

    And why does Sean Lennon think he’s a material girl anyway? It’s funny when they finish there are requests. He says, We don’t know any more — and a girl says ‘Imagine’! I heard years ago that it had been rvealed that John Lennon had donated to the republican Party when he was living in New York…

    Gary De Forest

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