Messing around online and came across an old comic book cover, “Superman vs Spiderman.” They made it look like it was an even fight. Are they kidding. Superman would destroy him in 2 seconds. He could burn him with his x-ray vision. Fly around him so fast it would start a hurricane and take Spiderman away. Blow a cold blast of air on him and freeze him. Or he could just punch Spiderman in the head and knock his head off his body.

Then I got to thinking, some superheroes aren’t superheroes. They might be nice guys, but not superheroes. Batman has no powers. He has a nice car and some fancy gadgets, but no super powers. Same for Captain America. He even uses a gun. How many superheroes use a gun.

Green Lantern, no super powers but a nice ring.


Author: zapple100


4 thoughts on “Superheroes”

  1. HAHA–Like the comment about the Green Lantern. Never understood him. Maybe some superheroes powers were pure courage and boldness. I’d venture to say it takes a lot of both of those to wear the batman uniform around town…

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      Robin has to have a lot of courage to wear that costume out. (lol)
      The Green Lantern is part of the Space FBI.
      Did they ever have a Red Lantern?

  2. I remember back in the day there were some Superman vs Batman fights, but you’re right, Superman could vaperise Batman before he could reach the utility belt to get the kryptonite spray.

    Don’t forget Green Arrow — all he could do was shoot a bow and arrow, although he was pretty good at it. I always wondered why he never ran out of arrows. Also, they must have been pretty expensive and time consuming to manufacture.

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