The Kryptonian Klap Is…………………..Fake!

When I first posted about “The Kryptonian Klap,” I tried to find it online in another site to see if it was real. I couldn’t find it. The cover looked so good, I thought it was real. Keith  ( ) went looking for it  and couldn’t find it. The reason we couldn’t find it listed anywhere else is because it’s a fake.

Here’s the first cover:On the Kryptonian Klap cover, most of this cover is what Superman is holding in his hand.

Now, here’s the original cover it was inserted to:Put them together and you get this:

Was I ever wrong. I was even looking on Ebay to see if they had it. it would have made a great story.


Author: zapple100


4 thoughts on “The Kryptonian Klap Is…………………..Fake!”

  1. Good investigative work! When it comes to movies, I still don’t think they have done Superman justice. Out of all the superhero’s… HE IS THE BEST! Production companies need to do it right. You agree?

    – Eric

    1. HI Eric,
      Thanks for the comment. For me the only real Superman is George Reeves. When I was a kid I used to watch “The Adventures Of Superman” all the time. In those Clark Kent was the “go to guy.” He was the one that was level headed and smart. In the later movies they made him look stupid. They were trying to make Clark Kent the anti- Superman as a bumbling idiot. To me, growing up with the TV show, it just didn’t seem right.

  2. That’s great detective work out of you! I would have been checking the Action comics and never would have thought that they would combine different Lois Lane issues. It’s still funny as hell and not all that far removed from what they were doing — just a little raunchier.

    1. If it wasn’t for you I would have believed it was a real cover. They did it really well. Now that I know, the one mistake they made was on the bubble on the lady giving Lois the test, the bottom of it is a little erased.

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