“Justice League Of America”

When I was a kid I bought comic books all the time. Always DC. I didn’t really buy that many Marvel comics. I always thought they weren’t superhero enough. They were always making some kind of dumb comments.

I just started buying “Action Comics” and “Justice League Of America.” Everything is new, as of now, there is no JLA, they’re just meeting one another. The Green Lantern said something that I’ve been saying for a long time. He meets Batman and ask him what his superpowers are. Batman say I don’t have any. Lantern says, “Your just a guy in a bat uniform?” I’ve been saying that for a long time, he’s not a real super hero. He’s more like a glorified James Bond.

Later on it, it’s Green Lantern, The Flash, Batman and Superman fighting some alien robots. Flash says to Lantern (talking about Batman), “What’s his powers?” Lantern says, “He don’t have any.” Flash ask Batman what he’s doing here. Batman says, “I keep everybody focus.”

What is this? You got a bunch of people running around with superpowers and they can’t focus! This reminds me of the 70’s Yankees. Batman is the Billy Martin of the club trying to get all the prima donnas to work as a unit.

Another thing. It seems like the Green Lantern has a hard time concentrating. When he doesn’t his ring powers becomes unstable. Just what we need a guy running around with a power ring he can’t control.

Now I want to talk about the style of the artwork in the comics. I don’t like it. It all looks like the Heavy Metal comic book artwork. Most of the color is in blue and there’s fighting going on in each panel. I find it dark and very hard on the eyes.


Author: zapple100


4 thoughts on ““Justice League Of America””

  1. Yeah, a Justice League post! That was my favorite comic when I was a kid. I started buying around issue 76 and stayed with them until around 110 or 120 at which point comics became uncool to me and I stupidly sold my entuire collection for something like $30.00. Six or seven years later I would get back into comics, when I was 20 and ended up buying most of the first 100 issues used at comic fairs.

    I’ve been thinking of subscribing to the new JLA but something about the way comics are now turns me off. There’s no whimsey anymore — everything is too serious. Remember when the JLA would haev stories where Felix Faust would a small justice league figure on each finger. Those were the days!

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