Versatile Blogger Award

Normally I wouldn’t join any club that would have me, but in this case I’ll make an exception. I hear that the first thing you do is thank the person that nominated you. I like to thank John for nominating me. It’s really nice when people take the time to read what you wrote.

Now it’ my turn to nominate 15 blogs for the award. I hope you check these fine blogs out.

1. John

John comes from Canada. Ever since I was a little kid, I never knew what happened up there. All I knew was they had hockey up there. Then latter I found out about Neil Young. I really like reading his blog and finding out about the new music up there and life in general.


Keith is a Jazz musician which is cool. I read his blog and I find out what goes on in the mind of Jazz musicians.


Funny blog about the music biz.


Some really nice Jazz shows here. If you want to expand your musical taste, check this blog out.


All things Superman. Nobody can beat Superman.


Shenna has a very funny blog with a warped sense of humor.


A really nice outlook on life.

8.Nalaik Panda

Interesting blog.


I always wanted to play drums. Once the feet kick in, I lose it all. With Thom’s blog I can find out the workings of a drummer.

10.Buns O’Plenty
I got a lot of nice stuff from here.

11.Colleen Ponce

I always amazes me how people can draw this good.


There’s some excellent photographs on this blog.


Music and Sci-Fi! How can you go wrong.


I just started following this blog and it’s really well written.

15.G. A. De Forest

A really well written blog.

Now it’s time for me to try to dig up seven things about myself.

1. I’m a noodler.

2. I play guitar. I think there’s something wrong with my guitar cause every time I play it, it sounds really bad.

3. I like wrestling. Been a fan since I was a kid and wrestling was on the UHF channels. I had to get my parents to buy a bowtie antenna for the tv. On a bad day, I got foil and hooked it up to the antenna.

4. I really like music. Rock, Jazz and Classical. I can’t picture a world without music.

5. I used to work in Manhattan. I worked there for 21 years. I still love going into the city even if it’s just to walk around.

6. I like making up my own words to songs.

7. Big sports fan. Couple of years ago they built a baseball stadium by. It’s for the minor leagues. It’s great. Takes me 1o minutes to get there, the place holds about 6,000 and tickets are around 10 dollars. Can’t be beat.



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