Steven Tyler

If you seen the beginning of the Pats, Raven game, you would have seen something spectacular.  Steven Tyler trying to sing the National Anthem.  I’m not going to post the video cause it’s too painful (or just too funny) to listen to.

I was over my mother’s house when the game started. I was sitting on the couch and my mother was in the recliner.  They announce Steven Tyler was going to sing the National Anthem. I said “Oh on.” My mother said “what’s wrong.” I told her to just listen.

I understand why he sung. Areosmith is from Boston and he’s a hometown boy. So, I knew what was coming and wasn’t surprised.

What I am surprised about is that Tyler is a judge on American Idol. How can he sit in the judge seat and tell people how to sing when he’s a horrible singer.

I’m just waiting for him to tell a contestant, that they can’t sing well. I would say, “what are you kidding. I heard you sing before the game. You hit so many bad  notes I lost count and you’re tell me I can’t sing.”


Author: zapple100


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