Dire Straits/Bob Dylan

>>>1978, Dire Straits began recording their first album at Basing Street
London. The whole project cost £12,500 ($21,250) to produce. The album which
featured the group’s breakthrough single ‘Sultans of Swing’ went on to enjoy a
132 week run on the UK chart.<<<<


When “Sultans of Swing” came out my friend thought it was Bob Dylan. He went
out and bought “Street Legal.” Was he pissed. He wanted to return it. Back then
the policy was if your opened it and there was nothing wrong with it, they
wouldn’t take it back. If there was something wrong with the album, they gave
you the same album.
I go with him to the record store, and he’s arguing with the guy telling him he
thought “Sultans” was was by Dylan. He wanted the band that did it.
The guy asked him if the album was defected. My friend said no and the guy
wouldn’t take the album back. They kept on going back and forth. Ended up the
guy wouldn’t take the album back and my friend walked out pissed. I was in the
background laughing the whole time.

Author: zapple100


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