Mother’s Day Card

I always wait for the last minute to buy cards. The same with a lot of other people cause when I went to the Card Shop this morning it was packed. I couldn’t even get to the cards. People were picking up cards, reading them and putting them back.

This is what I don’t understand. How long does it take to pick out a card. All the “serious” cards basically  say the same thing, “you’re a wonderful mother, I love you very much and thanks for always being there.”

I managed to poke my arm through the crowd and pick up a card. Gave it the once over and said, ” good enough.” Later when I gave it to my mother, she said what a wonderful card it was. I didn’t tell her it took me two seconds to pick it out while people were there reading all the cards looking for the right one. What do they think, their mother is going to say, “you should have gotten me a better card.”

Author: zapple100


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