The Cake

The other day at work my friend celebrated his 20th anniversary  at work. The store got him a cake and they called everybody back to the breakroom to celebrate.

They had a big cake, tasted really good. We work at nighttime and with all the cake, there was some left over. We put it in the fridge and he was going to take it home. The day crew comes, sees the cake in the fridge, takes it out and starts eating it. My friend goes back there to save the cake. By this time everybody is digging in. He lets people have some of the cake then takes the rest away.

When I saw him the other night at work I asked him if he saved the cake. He said, what was left of it. I told him I thought it was rude that they just grabbed the cake and started eating it when they didn’t know who it belonged to (lol).

I said to him, I thought it was kind of rude that they just took it. He agreed.


Author: zapple100


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