The 4th Of July

Yesterday I went around asking if they had the 4th of July in England. About 90 percent of the people said no. These weren’t stupid people either. Sometimes I would just walk away and other times I would say, “they go from the 3rd of July right to the 5th and skip the 4th.” Then when they realized what they said, they would say, “but the don’t celebrate it.” This was their way of saying that they knew there was 4th, but it wasn’t celebrated.

Back in the 1970’s me a some friends drove into Manhattan to see the Grateful Dead movie. I liked the Dead, they had no idea who they were, they just wanted to go into the city. They found the movie boring which I could understand. Sometimes the Dead could be like that. I thought the movie was great. They wanted to leave but I made them stay since, I had the car, and when you have the car, if they’re not with you, they get left behind.

The opening of the movie was really good and it ties in with the 4th.



and nobody can sing it like Ray


Author: zapple100


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