Breakfast Burrito

I work at night so a lot of times I’ll stop by the Dunkin’ Donuts by me. They know me by heart in there cause I go there a lot. Most of the time I get a bagel and coffee. This morning I was really hungry. Looking up at the menu I saw the “Breakfast Burrito.” It looked good and big. I figured it would be the size of a Taco bell burrito. Guy hands me my coffee, then he hands me a bag thats the size of my pinky. I didn’t want to make a big stink there cause there were people in back of me on line and I like the people that work there. So I walked out staring in disbelief of the little bag in my hand. When I get outside I open it up and the burrito around half the size of the bag. I’m thinking how much smaller can they make this. I get home and I’m starved, two bites and it was done. Funny thing was that it tasted really good. You would have to eat five of them to make one normal size one.

I went there this morning and the guy asked me if I wanted the burrito. I told him just give me the regular.


Author: zapple100


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