Exile On Main Street

Awhile back, I was in Manhattan with my friend. She wanted to get a Rolling Stone CD but didn’t know which one she wanted. I went with her to give her my reviews on The Stones albums. We’re going through the CD and she picks up “Exile On Main Street.” I told her I would get that one. I told her about all the great songs on it, and it’s my favorite Stone album. She said she didn’t want it and put it down. That’s their best one I told her. She didn’t care, she put it back in the rack. Some guy who was standing in back of us,said to her, “that’s a really good album.” My friend picked the CD up and bought it.

After she paid for it, I said, “I told you it was a great album. You didn’t want to listen to me and you put it back. Some stranger tells you it’s good and you buy it. Why did you listen to him and not me?” She didn’t know what to say.

I think the reason she didn’t listen to was because if she liked it, I would have told her, I knew you would and she’d think I was rubbing it in.


Author: zapple100


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