Sea Monkeys

When I was little I  mailed away for Sea Monkeys from the back of a comic book. I also mailed away for a million little soldiers which all got lost around the apartment and my mother picked them up in the vacuum cleaner.  She wanted to kill me for that. When I got the sea monkey kit I was all excited. I was expecting a little sea monkey family. All I got was some little slimy things swimming around. What the hell was this! Where was the sea monkey husband, sea monkey wife and sea monkey little kids. These things were gross I didn’t even want to look at them.  Slimy little things swimming around in the slimy water. It was so gross. I had my mother throw the things down the toilet. Then I was afraid to use the toilet cause I thought they would swim back up. I didn’t even want to take a bath. What if I was taking a bath and, there they were in the tub. This is like a bad Sci-Fi movie.


Author: zapple100


3 thoughts on “Sea Monkeys”

  1. I always longed for the sea monkeys too and my mom never caved and let me get them! At some point in life I learned that they were just brine shrimp. Grr. Anyway, my cool science teacher husband & I bought a bunch of brine shrimp for our kids and they absolutely love watching them. I guess the problem was the “oversell”! (I love the implication in the picture that they will build a castle and have super awesome beach parties!)

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