Hot Tuna- “Hot Tuna”

I put in a request to  my friend Ralph Rumpelton (the most famous, unfamous computer painter) for a Hot Tuna painting.

He did the first Hot Tuna album, front and back.

Here’s the front cover:and here’s the back:

Later on for some reason it got reversed. The front became the back and the back became the front. I think he nailed the front cover. The back has more of the Rumpelton style then the original back.

It’s weird that he picked this cause this is the first Hot Tuna I ever bought. I think the store was called Masters, then it changed to Modells. That’s where I got them.  They were like a Woolworths. They sold every thing there. This had this table with all RCA albums on it for $1.99. I picked up some Hot Tuna, Paul and Grace stuff and some Nilsson stuff there.

This Hot Tuna album is excellent. It’s a live album with Jorma Kaukonen on guitar, Jack Casady on bass and Will Scarlet on harmonica. Scarlet was asked to sit in on a song or two and stayed for most of the album.

When the CD was first released it sounded just like the album with a lot of hiss on it. It didn’t bother me cause I used to the album. Then it was re-released with some bonus tracks on it. So I bought it again for the bonus tracks. The real bonus is that they got rid of the hiss and it sounds a lot better. This is one of the first unplugged albums. Highly recommended.



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