“Two Musicians and Somebody Holding Sheet Music”

(From the Ralph Rumpelton Collection Of Fine Art)


Author: zapple100


One thought on “Picasso”

  1. ooo!!!!! I love this painting very very much! Pablo Picasso is one of my all-time favorite painters! Getting an email showing you posted this painting of “three musicians” by Pablo Picasso on your blog is quite a coincidence tonight, lol. My art appreciation teacher is requiring us to write 4 reports on famous artists this semester. if we do more we get extra credit. Tonight i started on my 2nd report which is on Pablo Picasso and I mention “Three Musicians” and “The Old Guitarist” in what I written so far. and have no fear, the final report will also be published on my blogs. the 1st one I wrote I finished on Friday and you might enjoy it – it’s about Vincent Van Gogh. it’s already on my blogs.

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