A couple of pictures I took of NRBQ from The Pastime Pub in Amityville back in the late 70’s. Me and my friends went there thinking another band was going to be there. When we got there we saw the roadies unloading NRBQ’s equipment from the truck into the bar. I remember the piano coming out of the truck. I don’t think I ever saw a band with a real piano in a bar before. They were a couple of bucks more then your average band but we figured, what the hell, we’re here already. I’m glad we stayed. I never seen a band like this before. They didn’t play regular Rock music, they played everything.

The thing I remember most about the concert was Tom Ardolino’s drumming. Every time he hit the drums, it looked like the kit was going to fall apart, then at the last second, it went back together.



Author: zapple100


4 thoughts on “NRBQ”

  1. When great drummers are mentioned, Tom Ardolino name never comes up. It’s a shame cause he was a monster on the drums. He was even a really good Jazz drummer cause he fit right in with Terry Adam’s Jazz numbers.

    1. I just posted a picture of Terry Adams from the same show. It should have been posted in this post but I don’s see it. I don’t where the original prints are. If you can, download them from here and have them printed out. Hope this helps. Good luck with the movie.

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