Instant Mashed Potatoes

I love instant mashed potatoes. So smooth, and they come in flavors. Whenever I tell people I like instant mashed potatoes, they always say the same thing, “you haven’t tasted mine.” So whenever I went over somebody’s house, they would have to make me mashed potatoes. There was always lumps in them but I was nice. I would say, they taste good. Deep down inside, I thought, “why do I have to eat this crap. They’re lumpy.”

So now it got to the point where, if somebody has to  make me their mashed potatoes, I just say, “I can taste the lumps.” This gets them pissed off, “while I mashed it for five hours straight.  How can there be lumps.” Well there are. Five minutes, smooth mashed potatoes and they come in garlic flavor.


Author: zapple100


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