Couple Of Random Thoughts

Ever watch cams? When I first got my computer I used to go into the Yahoo chatrooms. Girls would type something then sit back smug like what they typed was the secret to life. “This is my gift to humanity. Life will now be better because of me”. Then you read what they typed and it says, “you’re an asshole 2.”

Two sounds I really hate, the sound of “typing,” and the sound of horses galloping. The sound of horses galloping sound like people typing. I don’t know why they bother me so much. Whenever I’m watching a Western on TV and the galloping starts, I lower the volume. I hope I don’t miss any dialog then I think with the sound of the galloping, who can hear any talking anyway.

I don’t send out many Christmas cards anymore. Maybe four, and that’s pushing it. People used to send me cards then ask if I got them. I tell them “yea.” Then they say I didn’t one from you. I wouldn’t say anything. Then next year the same thing. Only that year I said, “I didn’t send you one.” Common sense, if you didn’t get it, I didn’t mail it, so don’t ask. Just stop sending me cards, and they did.



Author: zapple100


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