It’s “Not The Beatles”

Liverpools_ The _Beatle Mania__Back in 1964 when I was just 8, my father came home with this album. He thought it was The Beatles. He said before they became “The Beatles” they were “The Liverpools.” What did I know, I believed him. They sounded like “The Beatles” and with The Beatle haircuts on the cover,  they looked like “The Beatles.”

They did some covers and some originals. And I’ll tell you, the originals weren’t bad.

Strange thing is after all these years, I still have the album. Not in the greatest shape, but after all these years, you figure I’d would have thrown it out, but no. It stays in my record collection.

Here’s one of the songs, “Did You Ever Get My Letter” that has stuck in my heard all these years. When I hear it now, it sounds like a combination of “The Beatles” and the “Dave Clark 5.”





Author: zapple100


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