Couple Of Thoughts On The Hospital

Couple of weeks ago  my 82 year old mother fell off the kitchen chair trying to get rice down from the top shelf. So me and my brother took her to the emergency room.

A lot of people that don’t have insurance go there cause they can’t turn you away. The place was packed with little kids that were sick.  Couple of chairs away from me the little boy threw up. My brother and niece got a basket and paper towels for the little kid. My nice touch the little boy’s jacket and she got all nausea and ran to the bathroom.  Two other people later on that sat in that same chair got sick and threw up.

There was a guy in there that looked like a dog with a big nail on the end of it’s claw ripped a big gash in the side of his nose. Sine it wasn’t life threatening,  they let him sit there and bleed.

My mother got sent home from ER and a week later had to call the ambulance. This time we went to a different hospital and they took her right in.

Now I want to talk about the bed pan. I don’t know, this is really degrading. First of all in ER when they close the curtains, they don’t close all the way. My mother wanted a bed pan. I said I’d get on. The lady next to my mother was using one and the curtain wasn’t shut. This got me sick.  I said to my niece, “take over, I’m going in the waiting room.”

Later on me and my brother are in the ER room with my mother and my brother says, “Do you smell anything?” I said “no.” Couple of seconds later it hit me. Smelled like somebody missed the bed pan. It was awful. Me being the brave soul, I got out of there leaving my brother. Minute later he was out the door.

On my deathbed, I would never use the bed pan. I would crawl to the bathroom, do my duty and die on the bowl.


Author: zapple100


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