NRPS – “Hello Mary Lou”

I’ve seen these guys a shit load of times. Always a good time. Never saw the NRPS with David Torbert in the band.

First time I seen them, I thought Skip Battin was going to be on bass. He just left and Stephen Love took over. This was suppose to be a double bill, “Kingfish” (with Torbert on bass) and the “NRPS.” “Kingfish” didn’t make it so the “NRPS” did a double set.

I got to see Skip Battin when he was playing bass for “The Flying Burrito Brothers.” Finally I got to see Torbert with “Kingfish.” By that time Torbert was the only original member left in “Kingfish.” I got to see them in a bar, I stood right up front. They still put on a good show.



Author: zapple100


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