Pizzarena On Speed

There’s this really good pizza place by me. They make the best pizza. I noticed something about the people that work behind the counter. They move really fast. A lot of times I go in on the off hour. I might be the only person in the place. The guy behind the counter will take my money, give me change and put the slices in the oven in two seconds. I’m thinking to myself, what’s the rush. I’m the only guy in here.

The three guys behind the counter will be talking. Then if something has to come out of the oven, he grabs the pizza spatula, takes it out of the oven and puts it on the counter in a half of second, then goes back to talking.

They even look like they’re moving fast when they’re standing still. You can tell they’re waiting for something to do so they can go into action. The three guys move so fast it looks like six guys. Forget about when it’s really busy. All you see is a blur behind the counter.

Author: zapple100


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